Print acquired: Meadowlands II, Richmond Hill
The photograph looks wonderful,  it’s breath-taking. I’m very pleased (in case you hadn’t guessed).
Thank you for packaging it so carefully. Richmond Hill is a precious place for me. Now that I’ve moved away from the area, your picture is a very special reminder.

Print acquired: Settling Down, Spankers Hill Wood, Richmond Park
My husband saw this fantastic photograph and commented on how much he loved it and so I purchased it as a Birthday present for him. It’s a wonderfully interesting photograph taken on a winter’s evening. Patrick was extremely helpful in every way – helping me determine which size to purchase, deciding upon the most appropriate frame and even getting it framed and delivering it to me – just an outstanding service and a fantastic photograph. We are very much enjoying having it hanging in our family room. THANK YOU!

Print acquired: The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common at 60″ wide
My wife and I have been looking for a piece of art for our newly built home in Australia. On a recent visit to London we went to the Crooked Billet (we used to work there many years ago). The moment we saw Patrick’s photograph we just had to have it. The photograph is amazing and Patrick did a fine job of ensuring it’s safe delivery to Australia. We are very pleased and also impressed with the professional service we received throughout the ordering/delivery process.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond VI, Wimbledon Common
Thank you so much for our picture, a fantastic 30th Birthday present for my partner. Having lived in Wimbledon Village for a number of years and unfortunately now looking to move, we wanted something that represented our time here and the great memories we have. This couldn’t be more perfect as it reflects the number of hours spent walking on the common! Beautiful Colours – a great gift!

Print acquired: The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common
Thank you for sorting the Photograph, it will hang pride of place. I shall be back soon for one of your other photographs.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond IV, Wimbledon Common
I purchased this print of Rushmere Pond as a Birthday present for my wife. The sky is captivating and having lived in Wimbledon Village for five years we wanted a keepsake of our time here, particularly of the common. We are very happy with the photograph and receive lots of comments from friends when they see it and we hope to make this the first of a collection in the near future!

Print acquired: The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common
Hi Patrick, Just to let you know that the picture arrived safe and sound (thanks to your super packaging). We are absolutely thrilled with it and know it is going to make a very memorable Birthday gift. Once again, many thanks for all your help, it is much appreciated. With thanks, Gail.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond II, Wimbledon Common
Patrick’s Photographs of Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common were so captivating and unique from the moment I first saw them. His use of the Panoramic camera was so different and gave a real depth to the scenes that I see when walking in these places with my dogs. I have never before seen such work that is truly breathtaking scenery of this part of London and the moment of capture shows the beauty that we all take for granted. I consider his photograph of the Crooked Billet in winter to be his best and look forward to seeing future stunning locations that I am sure he will discover.

Prints acquired: Rushmere Pond IV and one privately commissioned piece
I have two of Patrick’s Landscapes, both of which are proudly displayed in our front room. Rushmere Pond IV brings back many childhood and adult memories of being a Wimbledon resident. Patrick’s ability to bring scenes to life with such colourful atmospheric skies is a unique quality and something several vistiors to our house specifically commented on. If you think the thumbnails on the website look good, you’ll be blown away when you see a print in the flesh. I highly recommend Patrick’s work.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond IV, Wimbledon Common
I purchased Rushmere Pond IV as a wedding gift for my husband, as this is where he proposed. We both love the landscape greatly, as it is such a fantastic picture and has very fond memories for us both. So many of our friends and family have commented on how beautiful the print is.

Print acquired: The London Eye I, London
The landscape purchased from Patrick takes pride of place in our office and never fails to prompt clients and members of staff alike to comment on the spectacular image of the Thames. It is rare to find a Photographer who captures the moment so perfectly and I would not hesitate to recommend his work – they are all stunning.

Prints acquired: Rushmere Pond I and Rushmere Pond IV, Wimbledon Common
I recently bought two prints from Patrick directly. The transaction from payment to delivery was faultless. The level of personal service and attention to detail throughout was remarkable. An unexpected and very welcome benefit was the advice Patrick was happy to provide regarding the framing, hanging and lighting of the images on a visit to my home. Simply put, the experience was a pleasure from start to finish and of course the results are stunning.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond V, Wimbledon Common
Having grown up in Wimbledon it was a real delight to learn of Patrick’s landscape photography of the area. I have lived the fondest memories of the common and the village so it was a difficult choice from the numerous images he had captured. I finally opted for Rushmere pond V as for me it is the perfect reminder of my childhood and teenage years, I am now living in Singapore and the image is proudly on display providing an instant help to any bouts of homesickness and also to share my hometown with my friends in South-east asia. Not content with one image, I have already placed my second order! Many thanks Patrick Steel !

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond IV, Wimbledon Common
I have been admiring Patrick’s work for several years now and have always wanted to buy one of his pieces. He has an ability to capture a landscape at its most beautiful and each photograph displays captivating imagery. If we ever move, it will be a great memory of spending time on Wimbledon Common. I purchased Rushmere Pond IV as a birthday present for my partner. I chose this print as the colours in the sky are so vivid and breathtaking and it will look great across all seasons.

Print acquired: Village View I, Wimbledon Village
I bought one of Patrick’s stunning photographs for my husbands birthday. He has been admiring his work for some time and was absolutely thrilled when I presented him with ‘Village View I’. We live in the village and it is certainly going to be a talking point when on display in our hallway. Here’s hoping some generous people fancy adding to our collection in future years! Patrick was very helpful over the telephone and made ordering and delivery incredibly easy.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond IV, Wimbledon Common
As a local resident of Wimbledon Common I was delighted with my landscape featuring Rushmere Pond. Patrick assisted me on choosing the photograph for my apartment, the frame and the lighting which all exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly recommend the investment. You won’t regret it!

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond III with Dalmatians, Wimbledon Commmon
A beautiful print, bought for my beautiful wife. She’s very happy, many thanks!

Prints acquired: Rushmere Pond IV, Wimbledon Common & Upper Pen Pond I, Richmond Park
I own two of Patrick Steel’s fantastic Landscapes and I’ve placed both of them in the master bedroom. I get great pleasure waking up to them every morning. Having two pictures makes a great feature on a large wall space. They are perfectly symmetrical and compliment each other really well.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond X, Wimbledon Common
I acquired my landscape by Patrick earlier this year and I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with it. The colours are totally captivating and it seems to change in different lights. In short, it’s excellent and everyone who has seen it wants to know how to obtain one. I’ve explained that it’s a limited edition so they had better hurry!

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond IV, Wimbledon Common
I am a proud owner of a Patrick Steel photograph.  Having lived overlooking Wimbledon Common for over thirty years I have purchased something which I adore looking at and to have the Common captured in a photograph by Patrick is particularly magical.  Patrick’s photographs are atmospheric and totally captivating and definitely a must have piece to own.

Print acquired: Village View I, Wimbledon Common
I am delighted with my landscape. He is a perfectionist, capturing the perfect mood. My Landscape has pride of place in my main living room and has had many comments of admiration from friends who have asked for his contact details.

Prints acquired: Rushmere Pond VIII & The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common
We ordered two prints from Patrick and they are both spectacular – he really does justice to the local scenery and as Wimbledon residents it is lovely to have a snapshot of our outdoor spaces at home. Patrick himself was very helpful with choosing the right size for our space and it takes up the wall nicely without being overpowering. Bigger is definitely better when it comes to Patrick’s photos!

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond V, Wimbledon Common
I bought a photograph of Rushmere Pond for my partner as a Christmas present, Wimbledon common is a special place for us; since then we got engaged on there; so it’s even more special now. The photograph is beautiful with stunning colours and looks fantastic framed on the wall. We are both really pleased with it. Patrick was helpful and communicative throughout the process, even hand delivering the photograph to me. The hardest bit was choosing just one, as I loved all of Patrick’s work!

Print acquired: King’s College, Wimbledon Common
We bought one of Patrick’s lovely prints of King’s College School as a retirement gift for a special teacher. Not only is it a beautiful image but also a lasting reminder of his time at the school.

Print acquired: Village View I, Wimbledon Village
After admiring one of Patrick’s photographs at my friends house, I decided I needed one of my own. I chose the Village View and I’m absolutely thrilled with how it looks. Everyone who visits my flat comments on how fabulous it is. It makes me smile every day! I’m already eying up a second piece.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond VI, Wimbledon Common
I bought this photograph of Rushmere Pond for my Christmas present as we have lived in Wimbledon for several years and wanted to capture this particular place; which holds very fond memories. The print used to be in our living room, but has now moved into our new Kitchen/living space. It is such a versatile piece which is breathtaking in any area! I’ll look to buy another in the future!

Prints acquired: Various
The beautiful photos of sights in and around Wimbledon that Patrick took were perfect birthday presents for me and my group of very good female friends. We came together to buy one photo for each friend as 50th gifts to remind us of our younger years when Wimbledon was a very special place to us. The way he captures those old familiar and very lovely spots (the pubs, the Common etc) acts as a  beautiful reminder of our shared moments of youth. His style is very simple and yet quite modern and he very kindly packed them all up with great care to ensure the gifts arrived to each of our homes in pristine condition (mine arrived in France without a scratch on it). We all agreed that these photos were perfect to mark the passing of time in a wonderfully positive way.

Prints acquired: The Wimbledon Windmill in Snow & Camp View II, Wimbledon Common
So far, we’ve purchased two of Patrick’s prints. They make the ultimate gift for anyone who has a connection to Wimbledon Common. The quality of the prints and framing as a package was outstanding.

Prints acquired: Camp View II & Rushmere Pond in Snow, Wimbledon Common
I’ve acquired two of Patrick’s prints, one hangs above my bed in my master bedroom and the other hangs on the main wall in my dining room. Having lived in the Village for most of my life; it made perfect sense for me to invest in Steel’s local landscapes. Patrick’s advice was extremely helpful in terms of framing options and I can highly recommend glazing with ‘Artglass’ for maximum protection; should you decide to purchase one of his stunning works.

Prints acquired: Rain Rings on Rushmere, Wimbledon Common; amongst others
Having purchased a number of Patrick’s photographs over the years for both myself and friends.  I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality and attention to detail that Patrick brings to both his artworks and service. I wholeheartedly recommend Patrick and his framing team to anyone in search of a stunning photograph.

Print acquired: Horse Chestnut Trees along Southside, Wimbledon Common
Bought a large photograph of Wimbledon Common for our home office a few years ago – it’s a beautiful perspective.  It sits on the wall directly behind my computer screen and I find myself gazing at it most days.  I find peace and tranquility whenever I look at it.

Prints acquired: Rain Rings on Rushmere, Wimbledon Common and one other
We first discovered one of Patrick’s amazing photographs within a house in Portugal. We were absolutely stunned by the special atmosphere he caught. We love his work and are now happy to have two of his pictures in our home in Germany.

Print acquired: Rain Rings on Rushmere, Wimbledon Common
Patrick has an eye that captures the moment.  As a long time Wimbledon Village resident now residing in France, we find his beautiful photography works equally well in both places. It resonates and takes us back.  It brings out fond memories and emotion.  It’s timeless and familiar yet new and alive everyday.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond V, Wimbledon Common
We absolutely love our stunning picture of Rushmere Pond, Wimbledon common. Wimbledon village and the beautiful commons hold such a special place in our heart, and Patrick has portrayed its beauty in a captivating and unique way. We have received so many compliments on the picture and are so pleased to have this special place represented in our home so beautifully. Patrick also provided great customer service and was fast and efficient throughout our order. I would love to buy more of these beautiful prints! Thank you.

Print acquired: Village View I, Wimbledon Village
We love Patrick Steel’s Village View picture. We’ve hung it our kitchen and every time I look at it it reminds me of all the great times we have had in the village. The photograph is amazing and full of energy, really capturing the feel of the village at night; I just love the vibrant colours. Patrick was great when we were deciding on which picture to buy and even came around to our house and held up some of his pictures so that we could see them in position.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond IV, Wimbledon Common
Patrick made purchasing one of his lovely pictures such an easy experience.  Everything from the quality of the product to  speed of response, great advice and flexibility, even the shipping was spot on.  I couldn’t recommend him more!

Print acquired: Upper Pen Pond at Sunset, Richmond Park
Bought this superb photograph which looks like a scenic painting when displayed. Patrick was very helpful and organised both framing and delivery. Living next to Richmond Park it’s great to have this memorable view displayed within our house.

Prints acquired: Rushmere Pond IV & Rushmere Pond V, Wimbledon Common
Patrick’s photographic prints are quite literally breathtaking and make such perfect gifts – we ordered 2 amazing photographs of the Rushmere Pond on Wimbledon Common as farewell gifts for a Canadian family and an American family, who were both returning home after many happy years living in Wimbledon. Patrick is so professional and such a pleasure to deal with, helping us choose exactly the right print for the occasion and hand-delivering them to us personally, well within the timeframe we gave him. Our friends were absolutely thrilled and delighted with Patrick’s stunning prints, both of which are on proud display in their respective homes across the pond🇺🇸🇨🇦, bringing them so much joy as a daily reminder of their happy times living over here in the UK and the inimitable beauty of Wimbledon Common. No one captures the exquisite light on the Common quite as spectacularly as Patrick does.    ✨💫

Prints acquired: Rushmere Pond I, Wimbledon Common & Wimbledon Village Montage
We love the Rushmere pond print hanging in our living room. The atmospheric sky and the soft pink in the foreground make a perfect impact in our home. It’s so lovely to have one of our favourite local places hanging on the wall. If we could collect all of Patrick’s prints we would, he is so talented at capturing the essence of our corner of London.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond XI, Wimbledon Common
Before moving to the US, we fell in love with Patrick’s Wimbledon Common pictures. Our picture reminds us of good memories and provides light to our room. It will not be the last picture we will have, for sure.

Print acquired: Rushmere Pond IV, Wimbledon Common
We walk on the Common almost every day, and no day is the same.  We have our favourite trees, and our favourite views and scenes, one of which we will never ever tire of; and that is Rushmere Pond.  Patrick’s stunning photograph capturing a looming, moody sky is just brilliant and we love it hanging within our home – well done Patrick – we may just have to add one of your Wimbledon pubs to keep Rushmere Pond company!

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