Here is another of my wide landscape photographs of Richmond Park, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this dramatic sky, the sun was very low, hence the shadows along the ground in the foreground but the scene was just magical, you could hear the rumbling of the thundery clouds in the distance and the fallow deer were all focused on me, the majority of which are clustered together on the right hand-side of the frame, heads up, staring at the camera, I captured a very special moment that day, one I shall never forget. The photograph is called ‘View to Sheen Cross Wood, Richmond Park’ and is a limited edition of only 50.

Large, medium or small prints of this limited edition photo can be purchased from my online gallery at: landscapesbypatricksteel.co.uk

sample landscape photograph Richmond Park

A 40 inch sample of: View to Sheen Cross Wood, Richmond Park | View Sizes & Prices | Buy >


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